Kommandant Irusk

Hailed as "The Most Genius Military Kommander Ever Born", Irusk has a lot to live up to. A masterful tactician, he is extremely skilled when using his troopers.


Characteristic Stats:

DEF18 (Iron Flesh)
Up to 10 attacks in melee (When charging)
Strong yet specific feat (Super Tough)
Strong board control (Inhospitable Ground)


Hailed as “The Most Genius Military Kommander Ever Born”, Irusk has a lot to live up to. A masterful tactician, he is extremely skilled when using his troopers.

Irusk is an authoritarian, and disciplinarian. He brooks no disobedience, yet his soldiers look up to him and he has no problems with their respect.

Physically weak, he does not enter combat himself unless he needs to. Skilled with his Hand Cannon, he inflicts damage at range with a combination of firepower and magic power. Also frail, he requires protection or distance from the majority of enemies.

These weaknesses pale in comparison to his main strength – supporting his troops and a single Warjack.

His two upkeep spells, Iron Flesh for the troops and Superiority for his ‘Jack make them elite in certain respects. Certain combination’s are nearly unstoppable, and are much feared. A Superiority Beast 09 is most likely the best Jack in the game. Iron Fleshed Iron Fang Pikemen or Kayazy Assassins can hit near invincible heights. Even the generally easy to hit Men o War with Iron Flesh are above average and hard to hit with standard attacks.

In addition to this, he fills all his troopers with Khadoran pride – so much so they shrug off near-fatal hits to keep going, and do their service to the motherland. This is a major boon for those troops already extremely hardy, as it makes it very unlikely for them to fall before their time.

Irusk has the incredible ability to project a 12” radius area of Rough Terrain, which is absolutely deadly to any troops with low mobility. This allows his army unprecedented advantage for the Alpha strike, and extra rounds of firing into his stacked up enemies.

In the campaign so far, Irusk has battled Baldur the Stonecleaver, but his fighting style proved too tricky for him to conquer. It ended in a closely fought draw, with neither side having a large advantage. Irusk, embarrassed by this draw, fought Kreoss in the next battle and outmaneuvered him with a stunning display of power from Beast 09, the mighty Juggernaut.

Kommandant Irusk

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