Vladimir, The Dark Prince

The last in a long line of royalty, it is said Khador will befall a great tragedy when the last of the Tzepesci line falls.


Characteristic Stats:

DEF18,ARM19, MAT10, SPD9 (Blood of Kings)
Insane AOE buff (Signs and Portents)
Mimic other Warcaster’s weapons (Skirmisher)
Good Warjack Feat (Forced March)


The last in a long line of royalty, it is said Khador will befall a great tragedy when the last of the Tzepesci line falls.

The Dark Prince of Umbrey is a forboding character – filled with ancient honor and pride, he exudes a sense of purpose and strength. He is part of the old traditions of Khador, stretching back centuries. A believer in the power of signs and portents, he is able to somewhat see into the future and can direct troops as to how they might attack better in combat.

This gives him an amazing ability to increase the effectiveness of every Khadoran unit around him. Even himself and Warjacks under his control benefit from this limited future vision.

Calling on reserves deep within himself, Vladimir is imbued with the power of his ancestors, his Blood of Kings, and becomes a devil in combat. Inhuman speed, accuracy and agility contribute to making him one of the most powerful Warcasters in a straight out fight. His ability to dodge attacks, and absorb incoming damage makes him difficult to bring down in return.

Khadoran warcasters also have the power over wind, and none use this to more effect than Vladimir. Rendering himself and those closest to him invulnerable to bullets, rockets and shells by forming a protective wall of air he can escort units deep into the heart of the enemy formation.

With his favourite Warjack Drago, Vlad has found a kindred spirit. Reminding him of the ferocity of his ancestors, this ancient Berzerker has a bond with Vladimir, allowing him some part of his magical and physical reserves. A monstrosity of steel and iron, Drago enrages and rips even the heartiest Beasts and Jacks to shreds.

Vladimir is currently running a campaign against the weakling southerners, intent on conquering more lands for the glory of the motherland. Although his followers have been beset by difficulties, notably Sorcha and Irusk, he himself has stepped into the fray against the Skorne and their leader, Makeda. Ending that battle with a furious charge of the Great Bears of Gallowswood, Vlad stood to learn much of the enemies movements from his captive Warlock.

Vladimir, The Dark Prince

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