Toshi’s Khador Army:

The wave of furious destruction from the northern steppes reaches deep into the heart of Immoren. In a bid for domination over the weaker forces of the south, Great Prince Vladimir has taken a strong taskforce out to conquer and pillage the weaklings in his path for glory.

As of yet, he himself has not deemed it worthy to take part in these battles, yet his growing anger at first Kommander Sorcha’s failure to defeat a fledgling Legion of Everblight force heralded by Lylyth, and then Kommandant Irusk’s pitiful and pointless battle against the Circle Orboros, and their cunning leader Baldur the Stonecleaver, has made him impatient and ready for battle.

Firing up Drago’s boilers, and sharing his consciousness with the bitter and violent Berzerker, the rage has built up in his blood – and empowered him with fury!

... One week later. Vladimir flicks his blade Skirmisher, getting the last of the still warm blood off the blade. Looking around, he sees the charred and smoking remains of his favorite Warjack, Drago, and sighs in disappointment. Thinking to himself of the cost of repairing Drago again, and the inconsiderateness of the Warjack to throw himself into the fray again to be destroyed by the next counterattack, he wonders why he likes the violent monstrosity so much. Possibly it was the fact that with only a little urging on his own part, before its destruction it had torn to shreds one of the mighty Titans, and left two mangled corpses of the proud and stubborn Cyclops’.

The Great Bears offer a salute as he walks past them, the bloody and mangled body of their opponent Makeda lying on the ground, moaning weakly. She will have much information for the Khadoran cause.

A runner arrives, bearing news from Karchev The Terrible. He has not failed Vladimir, and avenged Kommander Sorchas defeat two weeks earlier. The Legion of Everblight forces were no match for Karchev’s retinue of enraged Bezerkers.

Current Progression:

2 Wins against John’s Menoth, 1 Win and 1 Loss against Raymond’s Everblight, 1 win against Stephen’s Skorne and 1 Draw against Richard’s Circle of Orboros.

So far, in this campaign has used four Warcasters:


Kommander Sorcha1 W, 1 L. Win vs. John’s Menoth, Loss vs. Raymond’s Everblight.

Kommandant Irusk1 W, 1 D. Win vs. John’s Menoth, Draw vs. Richards Circle.

Karchev The Terrible1 W. Win vs. Raymond’s Everblight.

Vladimir, The Dark Prince1 W. Win vs. Stephens Skorne.

Favoured Units used so far:

Winterguard Mortar

Great Bears of Gallowswood

Man Of War Drakhun

Lady Aiyanna and Master Holt

Favoured Warjacks:



Drago (Unique Warjack)

Beast 09 (Unique Warjack)


Currently holding 8 Territories, and eager to challenge Henk for top position.


Raymond’s Everblight, for killing Kommander Sorcha in Round 2. (had my revenge in Round 7)
Richards Circle, for forcing a draw in Round 4.


Camp1 Satch